Reddish Bony Lump on Bridge of Nose? (photo)

26 yo male w lifelong hump/aquiline nose, however, Ive noticed in the past couple years that the hump is more like a bony lump, with a defined shape and off center. Cant be sure if its gotten to be this way recently or if it always has been and I've just never rally noticed... What does this sound like? Also the skin on this area is always reddish, as if it is stressed around the lump. I dont care about the hump Shape in general, but What's the easiest way to make the lump/redness less noticeable?

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Lump and Redness Concerns

    Lump and redness concerns are best addressed in person by a board certified plastic surgeon of your choosing.  Kenneth Hughes, MD nonsurgical rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

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