Do I need a Facelift? And nose job? (photos)

Hi, im only 20 and i look older than my age.there appears to be shadows under my eyes, and the lines are way lower than they should be. there are also shadows/lines arround my nose and mouth area. my face looks really long too. and do i need a nose job? i have a huge bump on the bridge of my nose and i feel really unfeminine. is there any way to make my face shorter or more round? please help, thanks.

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Too young for a facelift?

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Thank you for a great question and for sharing your photos.  You do not appear unfeminine at all, but you do have a strong nose for your face which rhinoplasty could soften.  You do not need a facelift at 20.  What I think you feel is aging you is the apparent puffiness under your eyes which could be addressed with an eyelid surgery or fillers.  I hope you find this helpful.

Consult with a Board Certified Fellowship Trained Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."


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I think you would benefit from a face to face consult to run through the pros and cons of the different options so that you are fully informed. I would definitely not recommend facelifting surgery and would have some concerns as to whether a rhinoplasty will give you everything you are looking for. I would also recommend consulting with a body image expert as it would seem from you comments that your perception of yourself is somewhat out of proportion with what I can see in the images posted.

Nose Job and Facelift in a Young Woman

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You do not need a facelift but perhaps some non surgical non invasive techniques are appropriate. Regarding your nose job request - see a board certified specialist for a full consultation to discuss your wishes.

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Facelift and rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question for sharing your concerns and photos with us. I do not think based on your age and photographs that a facelift would be something in your best interest. A rhinoplasty, however, can help to change the shape of the nose including reducing the dorsal and possibly refining the tip.  In addition, some fat repositioning in the lower lids may help decrease the shadows and create a more rested look.  I would visit with a board-certified surgeon in your area who can help discuss these options in more detail. 

Facial Aging and Rhinoplasty

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This is a really great question.  It is amazing how many people feel that there face looks older when they are young but often had difficulty in identifying the root cause.  In looking at your face you have a very youthful and feminine face, but it is your nose that is throwing things off.  This is the feature that is out of proportion with the remainder of your facial features and also has characteristics that we confer with older age (the dorsal hump, the rounded nasal tip, and the overall weight in droopiness of the nasal tip and base).  As interesting as it may seem, a rhinoplasty would actually make your face looks younger and in greater balance.  The morphing of professional images would easily help illustrate this to you during a consultation.  Hopefully this is helpful to you. 
Be healthy and be well,
James Ridgway, M.D., FACS

No Facelift

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Thank you for your question.

Based on your goals, you may to consider procedures such as a Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, may help to achieve a more balanced facial contour by targeting aesthetic concerns affecting the nose.

I'd recommend booking a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine what your options would be.

Take care.


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 Based on your photographs a rhinoplasty could be a nice procedure to soften your overall appearance and refine  your features to become even more feminine. You certainly are not of the age, nor do you need a facelift. Consultation with a plastic surgeon that does imaging simulation may be helpful to determine the 

No lifting at all

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You should think things twice, your nose is not that bad and of course absolutely no to a lifting.

Any nose can be improved, yours may benefit from dorsal shaving and tip work, but as it is now is also a nice nose.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Facelift? Nose Job? 20 years old.

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Dear jsnxjsnsksmxbxjsk: 

Thanks for sharing your photos! You are beautiful and very feminine appearing. Don't be so harsh on yourself! These photos note the well balanced boney angles and heart shape of your face. Your skin is firm and smooth with even coloration. You have many stunning attributes including gorgeous eyes, long lashes and a terrific arch to your brows. 

A facelift will not provide any improvement in the concerns you have. Consider:
  1. fillers along the upper cheek and nasolabial folds
  2. a rhinoplasty for the tip and small "shave" of the bridge.
  3. maintain your beautiful features with a active Dr. Obagi, ZO Skin Health Therapeutic regimen. 
Please consult with a talented and caring Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to properly evaluate your concerns and offer his or her expertise. 

You have great features! Keep up the beauty! 
All the best!

You do not need a facelift

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but you could benefit from a rhinoplasty if it will produce your desired goals.  When you ask doctors if anything can be done, you will received a laundry list of procedures that could be done.  But do you really need it or will you benefit from it?  Only you can determine that and you should figure out what you desire in terms of the results you get.  Once you do that, then you should see qualified plastic surgeons in our area who can help you.  I no longer do noses so I'm not qualified... but I do have opinions of who may best help you locally so you can contact me at if you wish to get a list of surgeons.

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