Can I get away with just having scars around the areola? (photos)

I have been recommended having a periareolar mastopexy with implants. I have chosen teardrop 375 cc. I feel I don't need a lift but surgeon says I'm low breasted. I am terrified I'm not going to like having a vertical scar plus around the ariola. Can you put implants in the same incision around the ariola while doing mastopexy? I also have one boob 1 cm lower then the other and was hoping implants only would still achieve a good result and less scarring. As I was not aware myself until I had consult.

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Scars Just Around Areola For Breast Lift?

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First off, know that you are well within the spectrum of normal breasts! Sometimes a plastic surgery consult can leave you more self-conscious than before the consult!  Most women are NOT perfectly symmetric. Also, the breast has a "footprint." Some women are "low-breasted," others "high breasted" and yet others right in the middle. If you do not mind having your breasts sit low on your chest, then you can opt out of the lift. Just know that your breasts will be in the same position as they are now, but with more volume. The asymmetry will still persist if all you want is for your surgeon to enhance your breasts without extra scars or interior breast work. A lift which consists of just a scar around the areola doesn't lift the breast very much. It mostly repositions the areola about 1 cm higher, flattens the projection of the breast because of the one-dimensional nature of the closure, and tends to have a scar that widens with time as all the pressure and tension is on that areolar scar line. Additionally, your nipple-areola complex on both breasts appears to be above your breast crease and you do not have a significant amount of ptotic/sagging tissue between your nipple and breast crease on either breasts. Thus, from looking at your pictures, a breast lift may not be necessary. An in-person exam will garner a better assessment. However, you may need repositioning of your areola on one breast so that your areolas and nipples are more inline with each other. This can be done after the implants have settled - about 6 months after your breast augmentation. Remember, you can always add a scar, but you can't take it away. You aren't burning any bridges by just having the breast augmentation first, and then making adjustments that require additional scars later. You may be happier than you thought you'd be with a breast augmentation alone. Best of luck!

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