Why do I have red, warm knot-like swollen areas on tummy tuck incision? (photo)

I am 8 weeks post op and have had two separate instances of swelling, redness and itching along with a hard tender knot on my tummy tuck incision. I was advised to take antibiotics and use heat compresses for first knot. Now I have another one in a different place. I have a call into my dr., but not really keen on more antibiotics for various reasons. Why do these knots keep reappearing and why do I feel needle like pricks under the surface of the skin in that area when I wash or touch it?

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Post op lumps

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This could be more suture knows dissolving and even forming a suture abscess. Best to check back in with your plastic surgeon.

Why do I have red, warm knot-like swollen areas on tummy tuck incision?

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This is a demonstration of a post operative suture retaining suture with cystic formation and possible cellulitis. You need medical care as to wound care and PO antibiotics and possible I&D.//

Red suture line

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I thin that you have some superficial incision line separation. You might have a slight infection which is why your surgeon prescribed the antibiotic the first time. Sometimes this is a reaction of your body to the type of sutures used. Report back to your surgeon and follow instructions.

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