Red Uneven Scar After Co2 Lasr Mole Removal? (photo)

hi..i got two moles removed from face (cheek and forehead) with co2 has been 4 weeks but there are two red uneven scars left..the redness is not diminishing a bit..i am really concerned..will the redness ever fade..what are the options available to improve this red uneven scar..

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Red uneven scars after CO2 laser removal


CO2 laser is a deep dermal burning laser and you now have a scar that has healed by secondary intention and it is not uncommon for the scar at 4 weeks to be very red and uneven.  They will continue to worsen for a couple more weeks and then start to settle at about 6-8 weeks.  They will take a total of about 12-18 months before the scars are fully matured.  If you do not like the scars or the colour that they will take when completely healed then you may want to consider an excision of the round scar and trade it up for a linear thin scar.


Stephen Salerno


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