Red Thick Scar Ring Around Belly Button Nearly 2 Years After TT with Revision. What to Do

I had a mommy makeover with tummy tuck and breast aug nearly 2 years ago. I had a hole in my pelvic incision area that wouldn't go away (with drainage) and doc said my body didn't respond well to the stitch material or the double knotting he did. Minor in office attempts at repair. Then a trip back to hospital to remove all old stitching and replace with something different. Belly button looked horrible. Revision. Still looks horrible. Very thick red scar around belly button. What now?

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Poor scarring around the belly button.

Having persistent redness within the scar can indicate an ongoing inflammatory response. It may be amenable to steroid injections. Often times revisions are done when the tissues are still quite tight and lead to even larger, more hypertrophic scars than before. Conservative options may help to a degree, but you are likely looking at a revision if it persists.

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Thick red scars

Scars that are still red and thick after two years should be treated with either silicone gel sheets or steroid injection within the scar. Some lasers can fade the colour of the scar, but are unlikely to affect the thickness of the scar.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
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Mons Pubis Lipo?

Try silicone sheeting to area, Kenalog (steroid) injections, IPL laser therapy. Are so non invasive treatments. 

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Belly button scar after tummy tuck

After 2 years, I would return to your surgeon to discuss the options. He may want to try conservative methods like steroid injections at one per month for maybe two cycles. Some people like lasers, but for me personally, if your scar does not significantly improve with steroids, I would perform a scar revision that can be done in the office with some local anesthesia.

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Two years and still red

two years and still red? usually a red scar is "immature" and I would consider waiting, but at two years consider injection with kenalog, a steroid, and/ot treatment with a pilsed dye laser. I would hold off on any further surgery until non-invasive methods exhausted. ask your surgeon for all your options.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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