IPL Not Helping with Red Skin: What else Can I Do?

I'm 23. I've had red skin forever. I found a picture of myself when I was 11 & it looks like I was sunburnt. This is how it's always been. I researched IPL and thought that would be the answer to my problems, but I've had 3 now and haven't noticed a single change. What else can I do? I'm MISERABLE. I don't think it's rosacea because I don't get any bumps. Please please PLEASE help me.

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What to do about persistent redness of the face

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First of all you need a diagnosis.  It may or may not be rosacea.  Rosacea does not need to have bumps although usually it does.  Rosacea may also have a deeper component of dilated blood vessels that will not be affected by IPL.

There are other disorders that may have diffuse facial redness.  I recommend consulting with a dermatologist for a diagnosis and perhaps having a small biopsy done in an area of redness that is away from the central face.

If it is just dilated blood vessels, fractional laser resurfacing, pulse dye laser or other vascular lasers may be helpful in treating this.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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