Red Skin Damage After Pulsed Dye Laser

2 months ago I had pulsed dye laser treatment to treat thread veins by a qualified dermatologist but this has left me with marks from where he used the machine and if I get hot, my skin goes bright red and is very embarrassing.

He gave me Tretinion which to date has had no effect. I don't know if I have hypo pigmentation or hyper pigmentation. Can you help? I do now know what to do and if it is permanent damage. Thank you.

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Red skin damage

It is disappointing to hear that you did not have successful results with PDL. Depending on the color of the marks that were created, you may be candidate for various treatments.

If your marks are red, you may benefit from either light PDL or IPL laser treatments.

If you marks are brown, or hyperpigmentation, you may need lightening agents, such as with retinoid and hydroquinone or chemical peels.

If you marks are white, or hypopigmentation, you may need light therapy called UVB.

Best to consult your dermatologist and discuss various treatment options. Good luck.

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