Red Swelling over Bony Bridge 4 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had a revision 4 mths ago for a dorsal hump. I had a red swelling on the bridge at cast off. This was thought to be soft tissue trauma but i had antibiotics anyway. The bridge of my nose is still quite red & i have developed bony callus. It is not tender. Is this common & when will it go?

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Red swelling at 4 months

This is not normal - it could mean different things whether you have an implant or major grafting to the bridge of the nose - you should see your surgeon

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Red Bridge Swelling after Rhinoplasty

The color may be secondary to skin inflammation or a low-grade infection. Was an implant, such as silicone, placed? Bony irregularity or callous formation is possible, but this usually would not cause a change in skin color. Continue  follow-up and repeated thorough exams by your surgeon.

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Red nose after rhinoplasty

It is not normal.

See your surgeon, it is possible that this is an infection.

You may need antibiotics, with or without surgery, depending on what was done and an MRI may help

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