Red Marks on Scalp from Liquid Nitrogen, Would Pulsed Dye Laser Work? (photo)

My dermatologist froze large areas on my scalp with liquid nitrogen 4 months ago and the areas remain very red. Would pulsed dye laser treatment get rid of the red spots? Is there another treatment that would work better? Thank you.

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The pulsed dye laser (VBeam) is great for reducing redness in the skin but not in darker skin tones

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A pulsed dye laser is made for reducing redness from any cause.  Unfortunately, it can't be used on darker skin types (5 or 6) and you look like you might be one of those skin types.  The problem is that the target chromophore (hemoglobin) has an absorption spectrum which is fairly close to melanin (the pigment in skin).  So when you are treated, the dark skin might absorb too much of the laser heat which can lead to hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or scarring.

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