Red Mark Left by Fractional Laser? (photo)

I was submitted to a fractional laser treatment to remove a small mark left by a previous laser treatment. You can see the first small mark, and the redness left by the application of the fractional laser, after 4 days and now, after 5 weeks. I would like to konw doctor´s opinion about if is it normal for the face get this look with no signs of getting better and what shell be done. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Post profractional laser

The best thing to do is of course meet with your physician who performed this treatment.  It really all depends on how deep the physician went and, the width etc.  I have not personally seen something like this here in my practice.  It may take some time to heal, give it some time to heal. it may begin to fade.

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Red mark after fractional CO2

I would recommend follow-up with your treating physician. Personally I've not seen something like this from a fractional CO2 treatment, and I'm also unsure why such a large area was treated when the red mark you were treating was so much smaller. All fractional CO2 machines are not the same so results aren't the same, but even with a good amount of CO2 experience, I'm unsure about this outcome. Consult your treating physician.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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