Erythema in Cheeks; Tried Biodermy Sensibio AR With No Results. What Are My Options?

I have a problem with erythema on the cheeks. It is not big about 1 to 2 cm. It is located at the end of the tear trough valley of tears. I can not see where any of the capillaries only just red. There are so many months. I tried Biodermy Sensibio AR did not help. 2 weeks ago I tried the laser pulse versa also without effect (as it was over a week of swelling under the eyes). The doctor throws up his hands. Is there anything that can help me, or is to be non-stop tanned - then the red less visible.

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Laser Treatments - Erythema

Thank you for your question. I recommend you consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon and consider a pulse dye laser, such as the Vbeam Perfecta laser for this.  A 532 nm laser is also good choice.  It will require a series of treatments for best effect along with vigilant use of sunblock daily.  You may need to wear contacts in your eyes to protect you from the light to get close enough. I hope this helps.

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