Droopy and Red Left Eyelid After Blepharoplasty

I've had several surgeries done om my left eye in the past 3 years: 2 re-attached retinas, a patch graft on my cornea, cataract, one eyelid lift that didn't work, and now this recent eyelid lift. It has been almost 3 weeks now, and the left eye is still really droopy and the top lid looks red, while the right eye healed up great. Why is it taking so long to open up? It's getting me depressed. I'm scared it won't work again like when the first doctor tried to lift the left eye.

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Muscles of eyelid may be weak

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It sounds as though you have had multiple different eye and eyelid surgeries, and the muscles may be weak on that eyelid. It may take upwards of two to three months for full swelling to recede so that the muscle can regain its strength. Be patient and this should come back around as long as the muscle was not damaged with the blepharoplasty surgery.

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Multiple surgeries can lead to postoperative problems

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In the eyelid there are many layers of tissue in a very thin space including three layers of muscles. It could possibly be that there's significant scarring causing lid lag or possibly even injury to one of the muscle layers. At three weeks, it may be too early to tell. Make sure to follow up with your surgeon at regular intervals so he can monitor any progress. The problem may be merely inflammation since she stated that the eyelid was still red. If the problem persists, and you don't feel comfortable with your surgeons treatment, I would ask him to recommend an aikido plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

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Call your doctor

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You have had a tremendous amount of surgery on this delicate structure.  You need to protect the eye from dessication and abrasions.  Call your doctor and see if you need drops, patches, taping, etc.  Avoid further surgery on this structure if at all possible, you could actually make it worse!


You need to be examined for possible Ptosis following blepharoplasty

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You need to be examined by your doctor. You have had so many procedures on your eyes that it may e difficulty to sort out what effects are caused by what.

If your upper eyelid is failing to open properly after blepharoplasty one concern is that the levator palpebrae superiorus muscle may have been injured. This muscle lifts the eyelid for normal opening. If it is injured the lid can be droopy and fail to open properly.

You need to be examined by your doctor

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