Nipple necrosis? (photo)

10 days post op from a reduction. the skin has started peeling off my it necrotic?

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Nipple necrosis?

Thank you for your picture and question. It does appear that you have had some decrease in blood flow to the nipple and are suffering from some superficial sloughing. It is possible that the nipple as a whole is still salvageable. Only time will tell. This is something that you should notify your plastic surgeon about as soon as possible and be seen for an examination.Best of luck!

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Nipple peeling after a breast reduction

Thank you for your question and photo. It is difficult to comment accurately without an exam, but it does appear that you have some superficial skin slough. The remainder of the nipple looks viable. Sometimes if the blood supplied to the nipple was compromised, some of the superficial skin can peel. At this point, I recommend local care with vasaline or antibiotic ointment. I would certainly have your plastic surgeon evaluate you, as online consultants do not have the benefit of a physical examination. Best regards.

Anthony Deboni, MD
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