Red Bruise on Face Now a Black Spot: Will Dermabrasion or Microdermerbrasion Help?

About four weeks ago I had a red bruise on my face. The bruise turned into a dark spot on my face. Will dermabrasion or micro dermabrasion remove it? Which one is recommended to remove the dark spot on my face. Thank you

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Dark Spot on Face after Bruise

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There are many possible causes for a dark spot on your face following a bruise. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is certainly the most common cause. Increased pigmentation from sun damage is another. Dermabrasion is probably not your best option. You should first be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist to determine the cause for your dark spot and then the appropriate treatment can be discussed. Bleaching creams containing prescription strength hydroquinone may also be needed to be a part of your treatment regimen.


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