Red Blotches Post Laser Lipo?

I have red, almost vascular/web looking, blotches on the skin of my abdomen from laser lipo. The lipo was performed in other areas of my body yet these marks are strictly isolated to my abdomen. What are they? And will they go away? I have been hoping that time and further massage will help but being at almost a year post-op I am getting concerned. Thank you.

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Post Laser Liposuction Red Blotches?

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Thank you for your question. This should be evaluated by your surgeon, and determined what the cause. I suggest visiting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if your surgeon is not one, or if the problem is not resolved with your surgeon. This could be either an infection, damage from the laser, or something else. I hope this helps.

Blotches Unusual With SmartLipo

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The "blotches" you describe are extremely unusual with SmartLipo. Did you sustain a burn? Again, that would be very unusual with SmartLipo. With questions of this nature, it is always helpful to include pictures. I suggest you return to the operating surgeon with your concerns.

Red blotchy web-like patches is just one of the problems with laser liposuctions.

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Unfortunately the red blotchy patches you have are not uncommon with some of the complications of laser liposuctions. Among other complications such as skin burns, puckering and discolorations, the red patches are sometime permanent. That is why laser lipos are going to the wayside and are so cheap now a days. The benefit of making the fat easier to get out is not worth the complications that we as lipo experts are seeing a lot in those who still do laser lipos. IPL treatments are often helpful in improving this problem. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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Liposuction and blotches

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Without at least photos it is impossible to comment on this.  Blotches of the skin are unusual to say the least.

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