Red Blotches on Abdomen Normal After Systematic Staph Infection From TT? (photo)

I have red blotches on my abdomen following a tummy tuck and staph infection. They turn white when touched, then return to red when pressure is released. They are getting smaller as shown. I am five weeks from the initial surgery and two and a half weeks post op on the 2nd abdominal sergury done to cleanse the abdomen. Are these patches normal or indication of a problem?

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Staphylococcus Infection after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced after tummy tuck surgery. Although it is not possible to make a diagnosis without examining you, the fact that the “red blotches” are getting smaller is great. Whether these areas of redness are bruises ( ecchymosis) or resolving cellulitis,  the fact that they are decreasing in size is critical.

Given your complicated history, make sure you are staying close to your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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