Can a Red, Black and Green Rose Tattoo Be Successfully Removed from African American Skin Type 3 or 4?

Can a red, black,and green rose tattoo located on the breast be successfully removed from African American skin type 3 or 4? I got the tattoo in 5/2011 and started treatments 6 wks later in 6/2011.I have had 2 treatments with 1064nm and 1 treatment with 532nm for the red and then the entire tattoo treated with the 1064nm. I see slight fading but not sure if I should continue with the treatments. One dr said it could be excised but would excision leave a huge scar?

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Tattoo Removal in African AMerican Skin

Red and black are two of the easiest colors to remove. Also the fact that your tattoo is in the upper chest region makes it relatively easier as well. This region has a high concentration of blood and lymph vessels that function to carry away the tattoo ink particles once they are broken up by the laser. You have a lighter shade of color as an AFrican AMerican. The Nd Yag Q - switched laser should work well in your skin type.

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