Red Birthmark Under Lower Lip, What Do You Recommend?

Dear Medical Specialist, I am Jason Lee. Age 40. I have a red patch of birthmark on my face (under my lower lip). It is flat. reddish in color. size is: 1 cm x 5 cm. rectangular shape exactly under my lower lip.May I know whether it is port wine stain or Salmon patches/stork bites on my lower lip ? The patch color is red. When weather is too hot or after extensive exercise, etc, the color will turn deeper intensive red. Thanks God Bless. thank you. Regards, Jason

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Using the pulsed dye laser for the port wine stain.

I use the pulsed dye laser, namely the VBeam laser, for port wine stains such as yours on the face. 

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Laser therapy is best for red birthmark

The best treatment for vascular birthmarks is laser therapy, specifically pulse dye (PDL laser). This laser targets blood vessels under the surface of the skin. It can effectively treat redness associated with rosacea, angioms, scars, birthmarks and even some stretch marks.



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