Red and Slightly Burnt After a Lactic Acid Peel, What Can I Do?

just had a lactic acid peel which burnt my cheek a little. My skin is very red day after a peel . The ethestician asked me to keep it moist and apply vitamin c serum in the morning ollowed by a light face cream. Do I need to apply any antibiotic cream. I do not not want it to scar. I am an Indian girl with medium tan skin. Please help?.

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You can use Mometasone cream over the burnt area.

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You can apply a Mometasone cream, either alone, or in combination with an antibiotic like Fusidic acid for 4 -5 nights. I would consider staying off the vitamin C, as sometimes it tends to irritate an inflamed area - such as the burnt skin on your cheek.  Make sure to use a good sunscreen in the day, and you can add a clear cream to your regimen, if your face is not too oily. If it is, you can try spritzing thermal water, every now and then. 

Above all, if you feel there is significant burning, please contact your dermatologist and see what he/she can do to give you some comfort. Do remember that as far as scars go, prevention is definitely better than Laser!

Good luck.

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