Red 1/4 in Thick Around Breast Augmentation Scar Used Hybrasil Its Been One Month Still Red, when Will It Fade?

I got augmentation July 3rd paper tape removed after 2 weeks still reddish brown Dr reccomemded. Hybrasil. I used it stung a little been over a month still red all around when will color fade n what.can I do to make it.better

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Red scar after augment

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All scars go through a maturation process that will take close to a year if not longer to reach a final result. As part of this, they pass through a red, lumpy, ugly phase that can last different lengths of time for different people and different areas of the body. It sounds like your scars are maturing normally and there are many products which can help the process. Keep in touch with your surgeon as you monitor the progress of your scars. Good luck and be patient!

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Redness 1 month after Breast Augmentation

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You are a very early stage of scar maturation.  

Redness is a normal tissue response to healing, which will resolve over the next few months.   If your scar is raised or hard, I would recommend silicone based therapy.  


Otherwise, close followup with your plastic surgeon with their chosen scar regimine is all that is necessary at this time.


Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Scars take time to fade so don't worry. It will look better in time.

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Scars tend to look quite thick and red in some people at 6 weeks after surgery.  This is because the inflammatory process of healing is still ongoing.  You are doing the right thing by using a silicone containing product to put over your scars.  It will help to get it flatter and softer quicker most likely.  It takes up to a year for scars to look the very best.  Sometimes it takes even longer.  So, don't worry.  You will be just fine.

Richard H. Lee, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Its Been One Month Scar Still Red, when Will It Fade?

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Usually scars are at there reddest and thickest at four to six weeks after surgery, and this is normal wound healing. For most patients, nothing needs to be done and this will resolve without any particular intervention. 

Patience is your best ally. Do stay in touch with your surgeon for follow up. If something looks wrong to the surgeon, that is the time to intervene.

Thanks, and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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