Smart Lipo Abs/flanks 2 Weeks Ago. I Was Told to Put a Cap in my Belly Button to Open It Up During the Healing Process? (photo)

As the hardening phase began around one week post, I found that the area around my belly button where the cap was has anindentation. My concern is the protruding line below my belly button. I was told to massage it deeply, but will that really help. It is hard and swollen, so will it eventually go away or is this something that I can do nothing about. I did have one lymphatic drainage massage at one week, but I found me massaging 2 to 3/day with my massager relieved my tightness and pain. more.

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Healing process for Smartlipo

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Your belly button should not be affected from having the Smartlipo procedure. I would follow up with your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly and continue to wear the compression garment.

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