Am I Likely to Have A Recurring Infection with New Implants After Years of Issues?

I have had my implants for 9 years & will be seeing a new surgeon to explore options, I have recurring mastitis in only one breast, the one I had a hematoma after initial BA. Am I more likely to have recurring issues with new implants also? I have been told I am almost all implant now, there isn't much of me left, although I am excited to have much smaller breasts I am not sure I want to go without any implant at all, unless I am certain to have recurrent infection/scar tissue/complications etc.

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Recurrent breast implant infections

Another option is the use of fat grafing. You may want to visit Dr. Khoobehi in New Orleans, Lousiana. In one instance of mulitple recurrent infections, I was able to achieve a long term solution with a latissimus muscle flap and off label use of intra-luminal antibiotics.

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Recurrent problems of breasts

If you are having recurrent infections of the breast, if may be related to your implalnts.  You may need to consider removing them for a while and then possibly replacing them at a later time. But you should have a consult first.

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