Recurring infection in R moderate round saline implant, 625cc. Is surgery my only option?

I am 5'10" 175lbs, had Mentor round moderate saline implants placed sub muscular 9/2011. 600cc(L) 625(R) (bust now 38D/DD; orig 36A/B) I am experiencing rippling in the R as well as stiffness, I have had recurring infection since surgery but surgeon refuses to acknowledge infection or treat unless I agree to another surgery (another 7k or more); should I seek a second opinion or is this what every surgeon will say? Do I have to replace both?

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Recurring infections after augmentation

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are very unusual but most surgeons have a revision policy so you should find out what your surgeon's policy is and see if it would apply to you.  As mentioned by Dr. Pyle, there seems to be a communication breakdown and this must be resolved in order for your relationship to move forward.  I am confused by your statement about recurring infections and wonder what you mean by it and if it was truly a bad infection, your doctor is obligated to treat it as your surgeon.  Assuming your doctor is an ethical one, it sounds like your definition of infection must differ from your surgeon's.  A second opinion never hurts as it could add clarity to your situation as its difficult to appreciate what the real problem is here.... rippling, infection or ???.  If simply rippling, most surgeons provide some perks for returning patients but this is not universal amongst all.  The lesson... know your doctor's revision policy and if any perks for old patients.

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Unhappy with Results

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Imperfect outcome after a cosmetic surgery presents a challenge. My impression from your post is that you feel like you are not being heard.  It may be that there is a barrier between what you are saying and your surgeon is hearing or what you are hearing and your surgeon is saying.  Either way, when lines of communication go down, it may be worth hearing another voice.  It is sometimes worthwhile to have a second surgeon who is impartial to help you understand what may be happening and why.  Of course, that third person is not infallible and his/her opinion is not guaranteed to be correct. 
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recurrent infections in implants in for as long as yours is very unusual. If you have an infection it will typically get worse and lead to pain, redness, and swelling.  Capsular contracture and rippling are problems that can happen but are not infections.  I would visit with another PS and see what they recommend.

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