What Is The Right Course Of Treatment For My Problem?

I have recurrent bulges under both eyes that suddenly started to appear more than a year after Blepharoplasty and 3 months after Restaline. Over the last 3 months I had 6 episodes under my (R) eye and 2 episodes under my (L) eye. The last 2 episodes were very painful and lasted for days. Please advise: 1-which doctor should I see to properly diagnose the problem? 2-what tests can be done to help diagnose the problem? 3-if this is in fact Seroma, what would be the right course of treatment and prognosis?

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Lower cheek swelling

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Dear Bellana,


If the swelling in under the eyelid it may be due to malar mounds or swelling.  It is difficult to tell without a photo.   There are certain remedies which can mitigate these problems but if you have any underlying issues they can be chronic.    We have had good results temporarily with Wydase.    If the restylane was done under the eyes there may be residual swelling from injections....Thanks  Dr. Boxrud 

Santa Monica Oculoplastic Surgeon

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