Recurrence of Muscle Contraction Deformity with Breast Implants

I recently had a breast augmentation revision to correct several problems, including muscle contraction deformity. The surgeon used 400cc MPP silicone implants, under the muscle, and addressed the deformity problem by 'relaxing' the muscle and removing scar tissue. Now, I am ten-weeks post-op, and the muscle contraction deformity has returned. Why did this problem come back? More importantly, what can be done to correct it for good? Thank you.

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Recurrence of Muscle Contraction Deformity with Breast Implants

Not using the pectoralis muscle is the only way to avoid it or removing the implant and replacing over the muscle or with fat may be your otehr surgical options. Botox may provide temporary relief,

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Muscle contraction deformity

Muscle contraction defrormities are very difficult to impossible to correct. Sometimes plaing them subglandular is the best solution but in thin patients it may lead to rippling issues.

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