Rectangular Head Shape/Droopy Face After Surgery?

Hi. I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago. Day 1 my cheeks, lips, jaw looked the same. Day 2 there was a swelling around eyes & cheeks. Day 2 my whole face was saggy. Day 3 it improved. I'm on my fifth day now & my face is still rectangular, it is droopy & feels fat. My jaw is wider, my whole face is. When i touch my face, it doesn't feel like it's swollen. Is there any risk my facial features will stay this way? Can facial muscles become weak and can't recover to their former shape after becoming droopy?

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Rhinoplasty final result usually visible at four months.

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Do not worry about anything for several months.  All the changes you are seeing are related to post operative swelling.

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Facial Nerve Injury After Rhinoplasty

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         Facial nerve injury during a rhinoplasty causing facial droop would be extremely unlikely.   Your face is still swollen at day 5.  You facial width should be increased and swelling tends to be dependent (i.e. there should be migration down your face).  I think you should notice improvement around day 7 and near resolution by day 14.

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