Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty if Only Cartilage Dealt with

Hi, my nasal bone is completely straight, but I have excess cartilage at the tip of my nose (makes it droop too low esp when I smile). I was wondering what the recovery time is if just my cartilage is dealt with and not my bone. Does it make a difference? Will it make it so that I don't have black eyes?

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Recovery time if only cartilage work done

If you don't need nasal bone fractures for your rhinoplasty you probably won't have any black eyes. It's hard to say how long exactly your recovery time would be without seeing your nose. I'd expect a bit less swelling if surgery is limited to your tip.

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You are correct.  Usually the bruised eyelids seen after a rhinoplasty is a result of fracturing the nasal bones.  Your recovery should be quicker although a splint will still be needed and your nasal tip will still be swollen for some time.

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