How's the Recovery and Scarring After Lifestyle Lift?

Whatis the maximum recovery time and total recovery? How long do scars last?

I am schedule for Lifestyle Lift on Oct. 2 and have a super vacation planned for Nov. 25. If I will not be 100%, I am going to cancel. I do not want to change my hairstyle to hide scars. Will I have to? Help.

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Lifestyle lift recovery time

The lifestyle lift generally refers to a lower third facelift and neck lift using a smas plication or imbrication technique to anchor the muscle under the skin. Much of the lifestyle lift marketing vastly underplays the operative and recovery experience. It is not a procedure that can be done during lunch hour. In fact it usually takes at least two hours and often more to perform an effective, lasting facelift. 

I advise my patients to take between 7-10 days off of work depending on what type of work they do. The majority of the visible swelling and bruising will resolve in the first two weeks but it can take two months or more, depending on the patient, for the deep swelling that creates a firmness in the cheeks and under the chin to resolve. It is very important to have a detailed understanding of your recovery process and be prepared. 

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Facelift and recovery

Scars from a facelit are not invisible they are permanent, but they will fade with time. Recovery is about 1-2 weeks.

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Liftestyle Lift: Be Aware.

Your lifestyle lift provider should really be able to answer these questions for you and if not, I would strongly consider changing providers. Recovery times vary on the techniques used. Scars last forever. Yes, you may have to change your hairstyle.

You should be aware of the pracitces of these types of services and I am providing an informational link for you below.

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