Recovery Period After Touch Up Lipo?

How long until I can go back to work after touch up Lipo? I am getting a "touch up lipo procedure" on my abdomen. How long is the recovery period for a touch-up procedure?

My "original" Lipo was about 2.5 years ago. I took 2 weeks off for my 1st lipo but they say this touch up will only require 3 days of recovery! Is this realistic or do you think they're not planning on doing a very thorough job?

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Depends on how much needs to be done

If you're talking about a small area than 3 days may be okay. But if you're talking about the entire abdomen but just a small amount I'd say much longer. Secondary liposuction is very difficult as the surgeon has to use small cannulas through scar tissue-it's not fun. And any time you're suctioning over the muscle fascia it's going to hurt.

I'm always amazed at how little surgeons tell their patients about surgery. It's not the patent's responsibility to ask the questions it's the surgeons responsibility to inform the patient.

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Best to talk with your surgeon

It is impossible to tell you how long a recovery time would be without actually seeing you. The recovery depends on the type of procedure that is used and the amount of fat and amount of scar tissue. It is also dependednt on the surgeon's preferences. Some people go back to work the same day, but it depends on many factors.

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