Recovery from Silikon 1000 Treatment on Hands?

How soon can someone comfortably resume gardening after having a Silikon 1000 treatment to reduce wrinkles on the backs of my hands?

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Recommendations for Hands Treated with Silikon 1000

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We do a lot of Silikon 1000 treatments in our office and most of our patients go right back to work and to their routines of daily life. With regards to hands specifically,  immediately post-treatment in the office, we place the treated hands with a gauze underneath their buttock (while they are lying on the table) so that appropriate pressure is applied for several minutes.  We do not do massage or ice in the office nor do we recommend either at any point after their treatments.  I have injected many hands with Silikon 1000 and I have never had a patient have a complication other than mild swelling and bruising.  With regards to activities like gardening, I would recommend postponing gardening until you feel most of the swelling and bruising (if present) has resolved.  

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