What Can I Expect Recovering From Double Capsulectomy?

What can I expect recovering from double capsulectomy?

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One week to go back to desk job

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You would need one week to go back to a desk job, no exercise or lifting of heavy objects for 6 weeks.  This is the recommendation from our office.

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Double capsulectomy

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Double caspuslectomy surgery will cause some discomfort and probably warrant placing drains into the respective new pockets.  The recovery is probably a bit better than the primary breast augmentation that you had.

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Capsulectomy Recovery

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Thank you for the question.

Not knowing your situation specifically it is difficult to  predict what your recovery may be like. However, in general, patients who are undergoing capsulectomy surgery often experience less discomfort than 1st time breast augmentation patients.  This is likely because the implant pocket has already been dissected/expanded.

Some surgeons will use drains  that may need to be emptied.

In regards to the specifics of your situation it is best to check with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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