Rhinoplasty and Breast Implant Recovery -what Can I Expect?

What can I expect with regards to recovery when I have rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and a possible lift simultaneously? I am 24 years old and relatively healthy.

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10 days might be enough, but you may also be cutting it close.  If you have a desk job you may be able to go to work but remember you may get tired earlier then normal so that an 8 hour work day may be too long.  Talk to your surgeon and ask him/her to allow you to talk to other paitnet who have had similar surgery to see how soon they recovered.

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Recovery after surgery

Everyone experiences the recovery a bit differently.  Most people will feel discomfort that will improve over a weeks time.  By the time the nasal splint  is removed, the drains if any are removed from the other procedures, you usually  start to feel more normal with each passing day.

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It all depends


This is a question that should be addressed to your chosen surgeon because each will have a different approach.  For example, many plastic surgeons pack the nose after surgery.  The packing is painful and makes your post operative experience miserable.  Others do not pack the nose and your pain and discomfort would be less.  Some surgeons take 4 hours or more to do a rhinoplasty, resulting in more swelling and longer recovery.  Some surgeons use larger osteotomes and create more bruising and down time.  And ultimately each patient heals and recovers differently but usually the true "down time" after a rhinoplasty is about 7-10 days.  Good luck. 

P.S.  Talk to your doctor. 


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Multiple surgeries at onetime

We often do combination surgeries without problems. You are young and should do well The breast surgery will be the most uncomfotable. Bt doing this you save time and money.

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Recovery from a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with a lift

As you're so young and healthy, you'll probably need about 7-10 days off of work and exercise to recover.  Your rhinoplasty recovery will include some discomfort around the nose depending on how extensive your procedure is as well as a stuffy nose for about a week.  The breast augmentation/lift recovery will involve some pressure and heaviness on your chest, but the pain is well controlled with oral pain medicine. 

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Each situation is unique and only your surgeon knows the specific details (complexity of rhinoplasty, use of grafting material, size of implants) of your procedure and should be the person commenting on peri-operative questions such as this.

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Recovery after Combined Plastic Surgery

Most of the rhinoplasty recovery occurs in the first 1-2 weeks after surgery. Swelling persists for a long time after nasal surgery, typically months and years depending on the specific procedure. Rhinoplasty recovery with a combined breast augmentation should be similar to rhinoplasty alone. Speak with your plastic surgeon regarding any concerns about surgical recovery. Best of luck.

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Recovery time after rhinoplasty - nose job

Recovery after rhinoplasty depends on the extent of work being done, however, most patients can expect a 7-14 day recovery time.  You should be able to get back to normal workout activity at 2 weeks.  Good luck.  

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