How Does Recovery for Abdominoplasty Compare to Recovery from a C-section?

I delivered my twins by c-section 15 months ago and was pleasantly surprised with how easy the recovery was. I was walking within 12 hours and felt 100% normal by 2 weeks. How does recovery from abdomioplasty compare to recovery from a c-section?

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Tummy tuck recovery may be similar to recovery from c-section

50% of my patients who have had both tummy tuck and c-section say the tummy tuck was easier, 50% say the c-section was easier! I conclude that there is no definite answer to this question. However, the tummy tuck does not involve an incision into your abdominal cavity as the c-section does, no hormonal changes as in the post delivery period, no nutritional strain of a nursing baby and does not involve caring for a newborn who needs attention around the clock. The incision of a tummy tuck is larger than that of a c-section, but the only thing you and your body need to do after abdominoplasty is heal. If you did well with your c-section, you are likely to do well with a tummy tuck too.

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Tummy tuck patients are pleasantly surprised with discomfort level if they had c-section before.


There is certainly discomfort and recovery after tummy tuck.  But we are not going inside your abdominal cavity.  So it's not as bad.

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