Recovering from abdominoplasty/hysterectomy/sacrocolpopexy (daVinci) on 11/13 and just found out I have fibromyalgia? (photo)

Still SO uncomfortable, at a 6-8 all the time. I had a pain pump in the hospital w/dilaudid & it worked great. After that, oral dilaudid & vicodin did nothing. Was switched to percocet, (only pain med that ever works). Taking valium with it at night and during the day if it was really bad. Once that script was done they wanted me on tylenol w codeine and valium at night. It does NOTHING, I gave it a week. Could it be the fibro, or am I not healing correctly? What options will I have w the dr?

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Post op pain

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Your best option is to tell your doc exactly what you are telling us on RealSelf--that Percocet works,  T#3 does not. The two are really not that different across the board for efficacy and risk. 

The open wounds look quite minor, and are unlikely explanations for the amount of pain you are having. Most surgeons, myself included, will not be particularly familiar with management of fibromyalgia. When I operate on a patient with that diagnosis, I try to get assistance with pain meds from the doc who is managing the fibromyalgia. Talking to your primary doc may be a good option if you cannot work with your surgeons.

All the best.

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