Long-term Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Everyone talks about the first month of recovery after surgery but what about after that?? I am now in week 6, worried that my implants feel unnatural, that they should be softer by now. I'm scared to start exercising, lifting anything etc. Is it all my head?? What can you expect between 0-6 months?

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Time course for settiling of breast implants after augmentation surgery

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Wound healing requiries at least 6 weeks for the proliferative phase and another 6 weeks for signifiicant scar maturation or softening which takes you out to 3 months. Implants will continue to settle and soften for up to 6-9 months. Implant displacement exercises (shown below) may help expedite this process.

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Breast augmentation post-op

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The breast implants take a while to look natural. You have to give the body time to accomodate around the implants. This may take 4-6 months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Long-term recovery from breast augmentation

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This is the reason you have a surgeon to discuss these issues with you. Without knowing more about your medical history it is very hard to give accurate advise.


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You should be back to normal by now

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Please discus your concerns with your surgeon. Your breast should be soft by now. You may have more than normal swelling,but to be safe,check with your surgeon.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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First 6 months after augmentation

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Every patient will recover from breast augmentation in their own way but typically my patients are back to work and feeling pretty normal by 4 weeks after surgery if not sooner. I place a great majority of the breast implants partially under the muscle so I ask them to not exercise heavily for the first 6 weeks although they can go back to some form of workout earlier. I would recommend that you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon at your nest follow-up appointment or schedule one for this reason.

I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

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