Why am I not recovering very well after a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo?

I had a tummy tuck, lipo on the flanks, and a breast reduction w lipo on the sides almost 7 weeks ago. For the breasts-I started at a 36 or 38G and was to go down to a D cup. I try on my 36G bras, there is only space maybe enough to go to an F. Measurements have gone down only about 1", and my weight is only about 4 lbs less. I have eaten protein to help my body recover, but am still eating healthy. I am unable to exercise or massage the lipo sites without nausea. Why am I not recovering well?

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Surgery and size

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It looks liek you have a very nice result fromyour surgery and while a lot of swelling may have gone away, there is probably still some more there.  Give it more time.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Nice Result

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Overall you have a very nice result with excellent contour and breast shape. This is a very large surgery and I would expect you to have ups and downs initially, but by 2 months, you should be close to baseline strength. Having said that, areas that are treated with liposuction can take a number of months recover as those nerves get fairly irritated during the procedure and nausea may be your manifestation of the discomfort. Are you still wearing your garment? A comfortable yet firm supportive garment may be helpful in making you more comfortable for the next couple of months. I am not sure what to say about your weight, except for emphasizing the importance of a continued healthy diet and exercise to maximize the benefits of your surgery. Hang in there, be patient and you will progressively get back to feeling yourself again.

Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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