What is the best way to recover from damaging 21% TCA Peel? (photo)

I am a 38 year old male of East Indian origin with Type IV skin. I applied a 21% TCA peel under my eyes 9 days ago to remove micro-wrinkles and dark spots. I now have ugly pink blotches without pigmentation and many hyperpigmented spots and freckles, especially in the corner of my eyes. Will my pigmentation return and how long will it take? I began HQ 4% bid 5 days after the peel. I Is it safe to use HQ on the hypopigmented spots as well? Can I use a series of weekly light GA or LA peels?

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Go back to your doctor. I hope you did not do this yourself.

Go see your doctor who did your peel.  If you did this yourself, go see a dermatologist.  This could leave permanent scars and abnormal pigmentation.

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