Can Reconstructive Surgery Make my Distorted Upper Eyelid Look Better?

in an accident,about 8 years back, I injured my right eye so badly that I had to undergo grafting and another procedure but still it doesn't look nice.It looks not only smaller than the left eye but also distorted .The skin below my eyebrow is still swollen as the surgeon had to inject some fats into it to create the curve and it looks even worse when i close my eyes.What do you think?

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Reconstructive eyelid surgery

In most cases, there are options for improving the cosmesis and functionality of the eyelids after trauma. It's impossible to better direct you without a full history of what has been done, and photographs of how things look now. You should see a reconstructive eyelid specialist, such as an oculoplastic surgeon in your area and get a comprehensive eval.

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Reconstructive surgery after trauma

I agree that it is impossible to answer your question without photos.  And even if you provided them, they could not take the place of a face to face consultation with an excellent oculoplastic surgeon.  That would be my recommendation!

Lawrence Kass, MD
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A photo would be extremely helpful here.


These always must be evaluated on a case by case basis. These types of situations are aways very difficult.  While it is possible to improve the appearance of the eye, there will most likely always be some distortion.  I would encourage you to seek other opinions.  Please be skeptical if a surgeon over promises what can be accomplished.  The American Soceity for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a website ( with a geographic directory that can help you identify well qualified eyelid surgeon near your home.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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