Having Reconstructive Surgery. Will Adding Septum Cartlilage Back in Help with Vocal Resonance and Power?

Hello, I'm having to surgery to fix a nasal valve collapse as well as put some cartlidge back in the septum where it was overly shaved down. Being a singer do you think that adding that cartlidge could possibly help with vocal resonance and power??? By that I mean add a little more "guts" to the voice. Rt now the my voice just sounds too thin and lacking that extra power. Just feels i'm lacking enough resistance to push against when i sing.

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Effect of septal cartilage on voice

I wouldn't expect much of a change.  As you probably know, the voice box generates the sound and it is then focused by the shape of the throat, mouth and nose, to a lesser degree.  I hope that you might be surprised, but I would not expect much of a change in your voice after surgery. 

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