Reconstructive or Cosmetic Tummy Tuck in Tightening Stomach Wall?

I had an accident in which it damaged the disc in between the l-4 and l-5. I also had a spinal fusion of the T-11, T-12, l-1 and l-2. It left me very limited in the physical exercises I can do. Now my abdomen is weak and aggravates the lower disc (creates a curve).

I simply can not do sit ups (physically impossible). Would a Tummy Tuck be considered cosmetic or reconstructive since I have limited movement? My abs can't seem support my internal organs and you can see this by the end of the day as it becomes larger.

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Tummy tucks covered by insurance

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It is unlikely that you will have success in doing this so don't get your hopes too high. However, the only hope would be to go to a plastic surgeon who will write a letter of medical necessity for you and maybe have it backed up by the supportive opinion of a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation medicine.

Doubtful that insurance will cover tummy tuck, but you can try

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Insurance companies rarely if ever pay for a tummy tuck. They might pay for a lesser operation which will be less effective for your problem. I feel for your situation and would probably submit the request anyway, but these days insurance denies much more obviously reconstructive work calling it cosmetic.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Prepare the facts and submit it to your insurance

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I am not confident that the insurance would view this as a functionally necessary procedure but you may want to back up your findings with the xrays and a report from your physical therapist. Seek out a surgeon who is willing to compose a letter of medical necessity and request for predetermination of benefits and submit this to your insurance provider.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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