I Had Reconstructive Breast Surgery and Feel like the Breast Size is too Small, is Going Bigger an Option?

After my surgery. I felt I was way to small, he told my chest is wide, he put a size 14 with 600cc. I was very clear that I wanted a full big bust. I had expanders 1st and I thought they were just right. I thought I would look the same after surgery. I'm very disappointed. Looking at my breast (small c) worries me. If I should gain weight my breast will look even smaller. I do have broad shoulders and that's why I thought they should have put a bigger size 15-16 size with 700-800cc.

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Breast reconstruction

When I perform breast reconstruction with tissue expanders and implants, I ask the patients to tell me when they like the volume fill of the tissue expanders, and then I try to replace them with implants to match the volume.

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