Reconstruction Revision?

I had a double mastectomy the winter of 2011. I had reconstruction surgery in summer of 2012. I have been unhappy with the size of my breasts. They are too big. I cry when I try on bras and I have suffered back pain. I went from my natura small B's to full D's. I am scheduled for revsion surgery in November. I am told it is difficult to get a particular cup size, but what is the best way to guess the correct size needed to drop down to a C or even back to a B?

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Changing size after breast reconstruction

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It sounds like you have all the classic symptoms that women having breast reduction surgery do. The problem in talking about size is that the cup system is just not very accurate or scientific. You did not mention what type of reconstruction you had but assuming it is implants, then it may not be too complicated to downsize though it is more involved than simply putting smaller implants in. You will have to work with your plastic surgeon and develop some trust because it will ultimately come down to a matter of judgement. One place to start is to determine the implant size that corresponds to the base diameter in moderate profile.

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Reconstructed breast size

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The best way to achieve your desired breast size is not to guess.  This may involve two stages of revisionary surgery.  First stage is to remove your implants and replace with expanders and fill to your desired size.  Second stage would be to swap out the expanders for your desired sized permanent implants and do any touch ups (lifting) that may be necessary since you'd be downsizing from Ds to Bs.  This can be attempted in one stage, using an expandable implant (a permanent saline implant that can be expanded to desired size then the external port be removed.  You may still need a second stage to address the shape and position of your breasts after you've downsized though.

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
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CAn I get smaller breast after breast reconstruction revision?

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Yes you can decrease your brest implant size.  One of the issues that is hard to change is the pocket size which is for the current devices.  You can also consider your own tissue in the from of a flap surgery.  The flaps are DIEP and TUG flaps typically performed.  It is fine to discuss these options with your surgeon.

Breast reconstruction revision.

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Not having more details about your history or your implant size, I can only say that a cup size is about 150-200 cc's of fill on average. This can vary.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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