Recommendations for Lipo Vs Breast Reduction?

i have read the comments left by plastic surgeons about non surgical options such as lipo and for the most part these doctors of this profession were that they could not recommend lipo. i can understand that they do not want to take away from their pocket books. for reasons of breasts sagging after a certain age it doesnt matter. are there any NON-BIASED doctors that are not specialists that can give an honest review between the two

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Breast Reduction by Liposuction or Excision

 A breast reduction performed by liposuction can reduce the size of the breast a moderate amount, but the procedure will not lift the breasts.  If you want a substantial reduction or desire a lift as well, then the excisional procedures should be performed.

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Breast reduction required to reverse sagging

Liposuction removes volume from the breasts but does not tighten the skin envelope.  If your breasts sag now they will sag even more after liposuction.  The breast reduction has been unpopular with women because of the ugly vertical scars (Wise pattern developed in 1956).  For that reason, a new technique has been developed called The Ultimate Breast Reduction.  Without vertical scars, it is possible to lift your breast, reshape them and transfer the breast weight to the underlying muscle.  This provides long term stability and immediate pain relief.  The ability to breast feed and nipple sensation is maintained.

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Liposuction breast reduction versus traditional breast reduction, whats the difference?

What method I offer for breast reduction surgery depends on the breast shape, the quantity of gland vs. fat, the breast size, the nipple areola position and the quality and quantity of breast skin and its elasticity. Liposuction of the breast is really only indicated when the breast has a conical shape and normal nipple areola position but is too large for the patients frame. Liposuction of the breast, albeit only requires a few tiny incisions under each breast, will not lift or reposition the nipple and does not allow me to change the shape of the breast. Liposuction breast reduction can reduce the breast size but the breast shape and nipple position is typically unchanged. Traditional breast reduction surgery with incisions around the nipple areola, is used when the patient desires a smaller breast but also wants the nipple size shape and position to be made smaller and lifted. Be sure you are evaluated by a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can help you understand which surgery will be achieve your goals.

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Lipo breast reduction

Lipo is surgery!  you referred to it as a non-surgical option, but it is surgical, just less invasive than a standard reduction.


Think of it this way - lipo just reduces the size of the breast.  it does not lift, tighten, or project the breast because no skin is removed.  As weight is removed from the breast, there may be a little bit of vertical rebound, but it is far from a lift.


The procedure is best for younger patients with good projection and not much droopiness.  The procedure is less well suited for patients with breasts that are droopy and flattened against the body.

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Breast reduction versus lipo

Liposuction can be done to reduce breast size, but patients have to be selected very carefully.  The ideal patient for lipo is younger with good skin elasticity and not major sagging.  You will get some lift from the lipo but not nearly as much as you will from a standard breast reduction.  The benefit of lipo include shorter procedure and recovery as well as virtually no scars.   Are there any unbiased surgeons. Of course not!  Every surgeon has some bias and you should always take that into consideration.

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Liposuction for Reduction of the Breasts works

Liposuction of the breasts does work to reduce the size of the breasts. But, there are limitations. Breasts consist of fat and breast tissue. If the majority of the breast is made up of fat, one can expect a decent reduction in volume and weight in the breasts. On the contrary, if there is more breast tissue than fat, then the reduction will not be as dramatic. The other issue is the position of the nipple and areola, as well as the extra skin. Liposuction generally will not lift the breast or tighten the skin as well as a standard breast reduction. On the plus side, recovering from breast liposuction is much faster. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your question!

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Lipo vs breast reduction

Liposuction will reduce the volume of your breasts, up to a point, since breasts are made up of fatty tissues and breast glands. No skin is removed. Surgical breast reduction will reduce the volume of your breasts (both fatty tissues and breast glands can be resected) with wider range of removal. The surgery will also remove redundant and excessive breast skin. Which treatment is most suitable depends on the issues that each patient presents. If you have excessive skin and tissue then surgical reduction is a better option. If you only have excessive fatty tissues without excessive skin then you can reduce the volume of your breasts with liposuction alone. You may have some sagging skin afterward, just like deflating a balloon. As long as you are not concerned about skin issues then you can benefit from liposuction alone as far as volume reduction. The reason why most of the recommendations are against liposuction only is because overwhelming majority of women that are seen for reduction have significant excessive skin and breast tissues which necessitate surgical breast reduction to achieve optimal results. If you are in the rare minority (less than 5% of patients that I evaluated) that have great skin and minimal skin excess, you may be a suitable candidate for liposuction only. The only way to definitively decide is through a consultation and examination.

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Liposuction vs breast reduction

Liposuction can be performed on a breast to reduce the overall volume. It will have very little impact to lift the breast. If the nipple is pointing downward and the skin is loose, the skin will become looser after liposuction and the nipple will remain pointing downward.

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Liposuction Vs Breast reduction

Generally speaking liposuction is used as an adjunct to breast reduction and not a replacement. Now there are cases of liposuction of the breast without reduction, but it is applied to a very limited situations. There are two problems with liposuction. The first is it is difficult to predict the results especially when large reduction is needed. The excess skin (envelop) may not retract. The second is the inability to send the removed aspirate for pathological examination. 


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Breast Reduction with Liposuction

As a plastic surgeon who has done breast reduction with liposuction and traditional surgical excision, both options work. However, don't expect the same results. 

A woman with tight skin and moderate sized mostly fatty breasts may have a nice result after liposuction. But a women with large and droopy breasts that are mostly breast gland tissue is unlikely to have a good result. 

The plastic surgeons comments against liposuction breast reduction are not due to "pocket book" issues but rather offering the right choice for each individual patient. 

As long as you accept the limitations of liposuction breast reduction, then it may be right for you.


Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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