Recommended Wait Time Between Multiple Surgeries? (Breast Augment and Lipo/Fat Graft)

Getting breast implants on May 19th. Getting lipo/fat graft with different surgeon on June 16th.He said I need to wait 6-8 mos cause of risks due to anesthesia.He suggested a package to do the implants together, but I'm sticking with my initial surgeon.BA surgeon said I shouldn't have an issue bcuz I'm healthy, and it's enough time between surgery.   Is it enough time? Is it better doing the BA before the lipo/fat graft? Would it be okay to sleep on my chest 4-6 weeks following my implants?

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Time interval between surgeries

There is not much data guiding us on when is it safe to return to the OR after an inital procedure. I tell my patients they must wait a minimum of one month but prefer three months. My biggest concern is the risk for developing blood clots that can lead to even worse things. If you are traveling distances ( > 100 miles) then arrive a day early and walk around. Long car rides or plane rides can increase your risk for blood clots.

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Recommended Wait Time Between Multiple Surgeries? (Breast Augment and Lipo/Fat Graft)

As Dr  Samir Shureih states, if you are cleared for the second surgery than OK. But you bring up the issue of prne position or resting on the new implants, from THAT only prospective I would recommend at least 3 months wait. This will allow FULL healing of the implants. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Multiple surgeries

The major question is IS THE SAFE TIME BETWEEN SURGERIES? the answer is usualy six weeks (Inflamatory phase). The risk here is blood clots in the legs(Deep venous thrombosis) and Pulmonary emboli.

Before the second surgery you can do a venous duplex to make sure there is no blood clot in the legs at least, because clots can be in the pelvic veins.

The second issue is positioning you on the operating table, Face down and how to protect from pressure on the implants and prevent implant displacement? You need to wait at least 12 weeks and even then shoulders and pelvis need to be padded to lift the chest off the table and prevent pressure on the breast and implants. Inspite of all precautions you have to accept the risk of pressure on the implants and possible displacement, The surgeon assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY :-). fully responsible for any complications.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Time between surgeries

Hello! I also recommend you wait 6 - 8 months between surgeries because of the anesthetic risk, this applies to other surgeries such as C-sections, laparoscopy and other types of general surgeries. 

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Anesthesia risk is very low

The anesthetic risk is very low.  Provide you ambulate early after you BA (i.e. same day) the risk for DVT and anesthesia is not a major concern.  However, being positioned face down for lipo and grafting in less than 8 weeks after ba surgery is probably not the best plan.

Chen Lee, MD
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Breast Augmentation and Fat Grafting

You can do breast augmentation and fat grafting together or separately.  If you are doing it separately I recommend waiting about 3 months, not because of anesthesia risk, but because the implants will settle fully in about 3 months.  Of course, you can get fat grafting to the breasts only instead of implants, but that may take more procedures depending on the size you want.  If the fat grafting is to another part of the body, then none of this applies.  About 2 weeks is sufficient between surgeries if they are on different parts of the body, as long as you are a healthy individual.

Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
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Multiple surgeries

I am missing something.  why are you having two surgeries and two surgeons?  Do them together.  You may find you save some money as well as recovery time.  I assume they are both  American board of plastic surgery qualified?

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and buttock augmentation

I assume you are getting breast augmentation and fat grafting to the buttocks. I think the best solution is to have both doctors operate at the same operation. Do the buttocks first and then immediately after do the breasts-problem solved. Can't see why you would have to sleep on your chest after fat grafting to the buttocks. You can always sleep on your side and alternate sides.

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Fat grafting and breast augmentation

Why are you getting fat injection to the breasts after a breast augmentation?  Or are you having it done on some other body area. If so, why are you not having it done by the same surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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The time frame between 2 cosmetic surgeries of the nature you are having done is probably 2-4 weeks.  You can probably sleep comfortably on your implants after 6 weeks.  You did not mention how much liposuction you plan on having done and where the fat grafts are being placed.  It would definitely be more economic and safer to have both procedures performed by the same surgeon.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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