Recommended Waiting Time Between Breast Implants and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ive scheduled my breast augmentation on May 19th with a local surgeon that's really good. I contacted the surgeon that I'm going to use for lipo and fg to set up date for June 16th. I let him know that I was having my breast done a month before. I was told that I needed to wait 6-8 mos between surgery because if possible risks due to anesthesia. I really wanted to get all of this out of the way before summer ends. He suggested giving me a package to do the implants at te same thing, but I'm sticking with my initial surgeon. I don't know what to do now. I was trying to set up the lipo for 4-6 weeks after my BA. I brought this concern up with the surgeon doing my BA, and he said I shouldn't have an issue doing it the way that I'm planning. He said that I'm healthy, and it's enough time between surgery. What do you think? Is it enough time? Is it better doing the breast augment before the lipo/fat graft? Would it be okay to sleep on my chest 4-6 weeks following my implants?

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Brazilian Butt enhancement, and breast augmentation

The concern here is that when doing the Brazilian Butt Lift you will be placed face down (Prone position)

Although we pad the chest and hips, still there might be pressure on the implants which can cause the implants to displace especially when done early after the surgery.

Also remember that any patient with breast implants when placed in the prone position has a small risk of implant rupture or displacement. It is a risk YOU take and you are responsible for the cost of any repair surgery.

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