Recommended Types of Eyelid Surgery to Achieve a Much Larger Rounder Catlike Eye Shape?

I do not want to look "white", as I believe that rounder eyes are not necessarily racially specific, only a stereotype, but what are the reccomended methods of blepharoplasty and any other surgeries to achieve a larger, rounder, more catlike eye shape?

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Several different options

There are several types of upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasties that can achieve changes in the appearance of the eyes.  The specific procedures and types of changes should be discussed in detail with your facial plastic surgeon.  The types of surgeries that are available can range from removing excess skin, to trimming muscle, to complex reconstructive surgery on the actual eyelids.  Again, consulting with a qualified facial plastic surgeon will give you the information you are seeking.

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Asian eyes can be enlarged vertically by adjusting the internal muscle

Your question would be easier to understand with photos, but assuming your question is, can the eyes be made to open more widely, then yes, they can. I find many Asians have a low resting position of the eyelid and require some adjustment to the internal muscles to allow the eyes to open more fully. This is a common condition called "ptosis" and should be addressed as a routine component of Asian eyelid surgery.

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