What is Recommended Post-operatively Other Than Rest and Do Not Sit on Your Butt?

Deep breathing and coughing exercises, to prevent post surgical complications? Or the surgery isn't that serious and it's not necessary? Walking a minimum amount time every 2 hours? Prevent thrombosis? yay, nay, not important? Whatever your doctor says?

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Post-operative regimen = All of the above

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Mrs. Clarke:


It is a big surgery and I recommend that you follow all the advice you gave in your question. Deep breathing, walking around...etc. It is critical to get your blood circulating and your lungs back to normal after surgery.



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Dr. Michael in Miami

Post operative care after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thank you for this fantastic question!  You are right to be thinking about decreasing your risk of complications from surgery.  Plastic surgery is real surgery and can lead to complications.  Any surgery increases the risk of forming potentially dangerous blood clots.  To reduce this risk, I send my BBL patients home on a blood thinner for a few days after surgery and I definitely recommend walking around several times a day.  Another potential risk of general anesthesia is respiratory complications.  To help prevent this, I recommend coughing and deep breathing to keep the lungs open.  Be sure to talk to your surgeon to get his or her recommendations for you.

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