What is Recommended for Filling in Hollow Temples and Under the Eyes?

I'm 30 years old and have hollow temples and hollowing under the eyes. I want to know what the best option is for helping to correct this.

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Treating temple concavity

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I do not think there is a specific best way. I am sure if you speak to 20 doctors you will get 20 different preferred ways to treat these problems. For the temples I have used free fat grafts from liposuction performed elsewhere on the body with good results and happy patients. I am pretty sure the same results could be achieved by injecting sculptra.

For hollows under the eye I prefer a sheet graft of fat. I have also seen good results with restylane or sculptra injected into the area. You have to be very careful with injectable fillers under the eye though because if a problem occurs it can be a major one.

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