Recommended Brand of Compression Garment?

Do you think Spanx or even an UnderArmor compression tank top provides enough compression? Do you recommend a brand/style for my particular area of need?

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We like the brazilian lipobodyshaper

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We have recently switched to the brazilian lipobodyshaper, as it can be worn year round and the company will resize it as you lose inches after liposuction. We order this through a distributor and provide it through our office.

Post-lipo compression garments-which is best?

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Honestly, I tell my patients that when they are ready to transition from the initial post-op garment,which I provide to them at no charge, they should head to Century 21, Filene's Basement or another discount store to find a garment which gives them compression at a reasonable cost.  Also, there are kiosks selling "Spanx' equivalents at many malls.  One, in particular, at the Source Mall in Carle Place, has garments that my patients love at a fraction of the retail cost of Spanx. 

Spanx work well for after surgery transition

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There are very many very good compression garments that can be used in transition after tummy tuck or liposuction. We find patients feel better and do better in more "normal" clothing and encourage a transition from a surgical compression garment to one more generally available. Again we use the Spanx because they are widely available and they do work well, especially under clothing in a smooth seamless way. Other body shapers should work as well and if the Underarmor look suits you and your work environment, perhaps the early trips to the gym I would give them a try. Look for a size slightly smaller that you would ordinarily wear to give a very snug fit, and allow for relaxation of the garments through washing.

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